The Corporate Rights of EB-5 Investors: How to Navigate the Legal Maze of Redeployment and Liquidation Once the EB-5 Investment is Repaid May 27, 2021

Roy Carrasquillo, leader of CLG’s EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Services and Compliance practice group, discusses various issues faced by investors and developers regarding the redeployment of capital in the Regional Center Business Journal. As the EB-5 Program matures and projects continue reaching the “exit” stage, investors are faced with new challenges and issues regarding their EB-5 investment, including decisions regarding the redeployment of their capital by the new commercial enterprise or the return of their investments.

“Once an EB-5 loan or investment has reached maturity, investors could be faced with important decisions based on the status of their immigration process, as well as their financial needs. These decisions may involve reinvestment of the investors’ capital into a new project and may require investors to develop a better understanding of the finances of the original project and the organizational documents of the [New Commercial Enterprise].”

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