Puerto Rico: A Paradise of Opportunities Economic Incentives Conference in San Juan, PR May 14, 2019

CLG’s Roy Carrasquillo and Jorge Salichs attended the Puerto Rico: A Paradise of Opportunities Economic Incentives Conference at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan, PR.  Puerto Rico finds itself amid a historic transformation, working to lay the foundation for the creation of economic development to spur next-generation infrastructure and this endeavor opens the door to a unique and promising investment and business ecosystem.

InvestPR, the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, the Puerto Rico Public Private Partnerships Authority, and the Central Office of Recovery and Reconstruction of Puerto Rico partnered to present the latest information on Opportunity Zones in Puerto Rico, and to showcase Puerto Rico as a unique investment destination.

CLG’s Counsel, Jorge Salichs moderated a panel about Fund Structure and Tax and Legal Frameworks for Opportunity Zones in Puerto Rico.

CLG’s Qualified Opportunity Zones practitioners work regularly with developers, investors, fund managers, lenders and business owners on matters related to the Qualified Opportunity Zones Program, including the formation of Qualified Opportunity Zones Funds.

CLG’s lawyers also have a thorough understanding of Puerto Rico’s cultural and business climate and members of our team are licensed to practice in the Island.  They have experience assisting clients in various industries in Puerto Rico, including, but not limited to, financial services, hospitality, insurance, financing, housing, construction, media and renewable energy.
Carlos Mercader, former Executive Director of the PRFAA

Alexis Quiñonez, Ismael Fernandez, Roy Carrasquillo and Jorge Salichs